Bring The Fresh – The Best Guide To Help You Make Money On The Internet

There are many names in the internet marketing world that are associated with success, and most of them are even selling information on how they succeeded. However, the fact is, very few amongst them are worth trusting, and not all of them offer the real details that can help you generate income online like them. In this crowd, one such name that is successful, and can also be trusted upon is Kelly Felix. His Bring The Fresh (BTF) is certainly one of the best internet marketing education program that you will come across. Let us now get to discover this amazing program in details.


What is Bring The Fresh

BTF is a membership program that teaches its members how to earn money using the internet. It helps you set up websites that has monetary potential, and also helps you get traffic to your site that actually converts. Most of the training part of BTF is video based, with some PDF documents added where necessary. This makes the training easier to understand and follow, but it does not skip on any important strategies and points ever. The member area of the Bring The Fresh program is divided into various sections, and we shall now get to learn what each of them contains.

The Road Map

Bring The Fresh roadmap offers an overview of the different segments of the BTF members area. It also helps you know how the various parts actually fit together. It helps members understand what steps they must take, and also the order in which they need to take them.

Latest News

The latest news corner gives you a glimpse of many success stories of Kelly Felix, and also of the various BTF members who have been successful in earning good money by following the methods taught by Felix. Apart from this, the section will also keep you updated about the current events in the community like new content or new products added. This area is very helpful for members as they always get to know about the latest happenings. Moreover, it also serves as a moral booster for anyone who might need some occasional motivation.

Fast Start Guide

This fast start guide section of BTF offers you the site building strategy and the market research that has always proven to be effective. This section helps you learn about keyword research, market research, how to structure your site and how to build a website, and how to add and write contents. It also guides you with how to monetize your site, and how to create backlinks to your site so that you can attract traffic to it.

Fast Start Videos

BTF’s fast start video section is quite like the fast start guide, but the content here is offered in video format. The videos here are generally screen casts with Kelly’s voice over explaining what he has done, and how you need to do it. If you are more of a visual learner, and it helps you remember things more clearly when someone shows you how to do a certain thing, then this section certainly will prove to be very helpful. The fast start video section will particularly help you learn Kelly’s keyword research method, and you will also get to know how to build your site and add articles, and how to create backlinks.

Power Finish Module

This section offers additional videos, which includes replays of webinars, which teaches things that can help improve the SEO by better market section and link building, or will help you get better conversions so that you can make more money from the same traffic.

Recommended Tools

In this section, Kelly tells you about some of the services and tools that he has used for creating BTF style websites. The services used includes software, content writing services, hosting services, WordPress themes, backlink building services, domain registrars and upgrades to the BTF membership.

Behind the Scenes

The behind the scenes section has Kelly Felix’s videos together with his BTF partner, Mike Long, who talk about some previous businesses they owned. They share some tactics they had used, certain things that happened, and the knowledge they gained over time

Living Room Chats

This section also has videos of Mike Long and Kelly. But these videos were actually sold as part of a $500 package. In these videos, not only do Kelly and Mike explore great business insights, but also the philosophies and approach behind being a successful online marketer. You can also get the audio from these videos in mp3 format. This is particularly for those members who would like listening to them while on the go.

Member Forum

In this section, the BTF students can interact with one another. Herein they can share insights and strategies that they have earned from hands on experience.

Bonus Video Section

This section offers interviews with those students of BTF who have been able to find successful strategies. There are also some interviews with few famous internet marketing people who run and own large companies.

Full Disclosure

This upgraded Bring The Fresh version is created for those engine marketers who are serious about taking things to the next level. It is slightly more pricey, but the business and SEO strategies it contains, is sure worth it.

Additional section

There are some additional sections that you can access through the member’s area. Though they are not an integral part of the BTF strategy, but you get them as extra, more advanced training or services.


There are two main upgrades that you can purchase. First is the Project Profits, which can help you better the conversions of a website. Next is the done-for-you website creating service. This service is created for those who do not have time to create websites on their own and would instead prefer outsourcing the task to someone who is a part of the BTF team. Lastly, there is a section known as mentoring with Kelly, which basically is a coaching program, created for those people who are not being able to figure out things on their own easily.